A ghost in the house

Sometimes people who move into new houses can find nasty surprises when they arrive. Though sometimes the ones who were there first can find things a little challenging too…

Lucy has continued to stay as a ghost in the house for thirty seven years after her mysterious death. When the Mitchell family comes to live with her, she finds it very hard to like them at first. Soon, however, her new-found friend Amy helps her to uncover the lost secrets of the past and reveal why hers became such a haunting present.

A ghost in the house is a children's book, aimed at readers aged 8 and above. Despite its title, the story is not at all scary: the ghost of the title is loyal, scared, resourceful, brave, insecure and determined by turns.

I first wrote this book for my daughter when she was about ten years old. This was a personal challenge for me but beyond our close family orbit, the project has been on hold for more than a quarter of a century. I returned to the story recently when I was struck by its strong narrative and charm, so I felt I should release the book to a broader public.


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Please read the first chapter of the book at this link.