Julian Morgan is the Yorkshire Author of many county-themed poems and puzzles. On this website you will find samples from his books to download and enjoy, as well as details about how to buy them online.

Julian's best known publications include three books in the Yorkshire Puzzles series, City of York Puzzles and World of James Herriot Puzzles.

His poems about famous Yorkshire people are found in Sonnets for Yorkshire Stars.

His most recent publications include Nostalgia Puzzles, which 100 word games based around the music, films, television and events of the mid to late twentieth century and Charles Dickens Puzzles, which has 100 Bumble-rated puzzles based on the author's most significant works.

Julian has also written a children's book, A ghost in the house.

Julian is a member of the O Tempora! crossword setting team for The Times newspaper and the puzzle master for ARGO magazine. He has been a Classics teacher for many years, though his classroom teaching days are behind him now. His books and apps for lovers of the classical world are published by J-PROGS and include Latin puzzle books, ancient Greek puzzle books, Classical Puzzles, Roman Britain Puzzles and Sonnets for Classical Stars.

A feature about Julian's work appeared in the Yorkshire Post in February 2019 which you can read by clicking on this link. You can also read a recent article from the Old Pocklingtonians on Julian here and see Julian's Interview on #comfortclassics here.

Julian's Imperium Latin Course is used in a variety of locations around the world and you can read about it by clicking on the link.


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