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Julian Morgan is the Yorkshire Author of this website. He was born in the West Riding, brought up in the East Riding and is currently living in North Yorkshire. He stepped down recently from classroom teaching and is beginning to rediscover his great love of his native Yorkshire. Click on this link, where you can read about him in the Yorkshire Post.

Julian served for many years as Head of Classics in various schools in the UK and at the European School in Karlsruhe, Germany, where he also became Head of the English Section for a few years. To find out more about his former working life, click on this link, where you can read an article published in the Times Educational Supplement. Julian has written many educational software titles and books in the last 30 years, publishing a good number of these under the banner of his business, J-PROGS. His Imperium Latin course is used in a good number of schools and can be downloaded free of charge by following the links from www.imperiumlatin.com. In 2003 he became the UK partner of the EU's Comenius funded CIRCE Project and directed the course which won a European Commission silver award for Lifelong Learning under the banner "Quality in Mobility".



All of his most recent publications are available from this website or its links and include:

A ghost in the house

Sonnets for Yorkshire Stars

Yorkshire Puzzles

various puzzle books for Latin and Greek

the Imperium Latin Course Books 1 to 3

the Imperium Latin Grammar and Syntax Guide

Imperium Latin Unseens

the Horace Trail version 3

Aeneas version 4

Three tragedies... No tears

Plays in Two Days

Julian is active in the American Classical League and sits on the Computing Applications Committee for that body, making regular visits to speak in the USA, most recently at the Institute in Williamsburg Virginia in summer 2014. Since 2003, he has been the UK partner in CIRCE, an EU Comenius project committed to providing resources to support Classics teachers across Europe.



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